The Westfall Family

Tim and Garret westfall posing for photo in garden

Our family started going to Peacehaven about 13 years ago, after hearing about it at Westminster Presbyterian Church. On our first visit, our family was hooked!

Planting, weeding, harvesting, weeding, building, weeding, moving, weeding, eating (back in the days of the big potluck lunches after the workdays), weeding, talking; it didn’t matter what we were doing, but we were having fun! 

Our daughters, Alli and Sidney, made friends and brought friends to do the big walks/celebrations.  Our son, Garrett, would smile ear to ear each visit, as he played in the dirt and talked to new and old friends, including his favorite person in the world, Buck Cochran. Peacehaven brought out the best in our family and showed us a place where all people, including our son who has Down Syndrome, are accepted and cherished!

After missing many events due to our kids’ activities as they got older, we are finally at the stage where we can go back more often.

We have worked with groups such as F3 and our Westminster friends and brought our coworkers to see how special the farm is.  Everyone always leaves in a good mood!

Garrett especially has enjoyed the Harvest Celebration and parties he has been invited to attend.  We can see this being his future home someday, especially after seeing the future plans on paper and know when it becomes a reality, he will have many joy-filled days with special friends at a very special place.