Barbara & Jim North

Barbara and Jim North smiling for headshot photo

Peacehaven says it all in its name.  When you drive up the driveway, you sense a peacefulness that captures your spirit, sight, and your thoughts.

The setting for Peacehaven occupies 89 acres on a beautiful landscape in nature with rolling hills and a wide variety of trees that border Lake Mackintosh.  

Peacehaven provides an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth, and love in this natural setting.  Here you can be yourself.  You are not measured by other peoples’ expectations.  You are your own unique self with how you want to be and participate in this environment.  Peacehaven is a place of joy and sharing with a variety of activities for Core Members to participate in as they choose.  The Core Members’ enthusiasm is contagious.  You are always greeted with a smile that brings joy to your soul.  Working with Core Members side by side on the farm or in workshops, you come to know and appreciate each one.  It is a very powerful experience. 

Visioning for the future is the expansion of the campus to include a Community Center, residential housing, arts center and healthcare clinic offering additional services for residents, neighbors, the community, and beyond. Making a monetary as well as a volunteer gift of service brings joy to our souls.  We are grateful that we have an opportunity to do both.