Who We Are

To connect people of all abilities through inclusive living, learning, work, and play.

To be a catalyst for learning, growth, and belonging for people of all abilities everywhere.

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Peacehaven creates community by welcoming and connecting people with a wide range of abilities, thoughts, and gifts.

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Peacehaven practices compassion by thoughtfully and kindly engaging with our community, our land, our neighbors, and ourselves.

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Peacehaven appreciates the role risk plays in personal and organizational growth, and, through failures and successes, we hope to help more people have fulfilling, dignified lives.

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Peacehaven understands that adaptability is essential in developing deep, trusting relationships and in structuring resilient organizations.

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Peacehaven embraces sustainability by conserving natural resources, supporting a healthy community and workforce, and deriving adequate revenues to ensure our long-term financial health.

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Peacehaven encourages wonder in everything we do with the hope that it will spark innovations in how communities function and evolve.


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Our Anthem

Whoever you are, we welcome you. However you learn, we will embrace you. Whatever you have to share, we are listening. This is the promise of Peacehaven— a vibrant community and farm growing endless possibilities.

Founded in 2007 to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, today we are reaching people of all ages and abilities with programs and resources for anyone who believes in the dignity and perspective of everyone. At Peacehaven, we are building community by re-imagining collaboration.

Because we know time together is the key to growing stronger together. Our differences are power. Our challenges are opportunity. So we all have something to learn and something to teach. This knowledge shapes and solidifies the very ground that keeps us grounded— eighty-nine acres of gardens, pastures, and woodland. Open to all.

Together we will write the story of this evolving land. Inspired by the energy and thrill of shared experiences, we invite people of every ability to come and discover new relationships— intensified by purpose, deepened by kindness, steadied by nature.

How does it happen? With vision and values, compassion and cooperation. With guidance and friendship, humor and humility. With integrity, optimism, and joy.

In this way, we embrace the risks and privileges of a complex world, knowing the best path forward is side by side. Whether planting a seed or an idea, Peacehaven is about being and doing together.

Join us for an experience that is both diverse and unifying. Peacehaven.

Let’s be different together.