Residential Life

Through opening Susan’s View, Peacehaven has become an example of progressive, community housing for people with an I/DD, including determining/demonstrating what additional supports, activities and/or community-related connections may need to be developed by Peacehaven, its partners, funders, or other community providers. To that end, we want people of all abilities to live in any housing developed at Peacehaven.

  • People of all abilities living together
  • People with Medicaid/Waiver funding can use it to live at Peacehaven
  • People living at Peacehaven come from all socio-economic backgrounds
  • Our housing model is replicable in other locations in North Carolina

Residential life at Peacehaven began in 2014 when Peacehaven opened its first supportive home for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Susan’s View is named in honor of the vision of our founder Susan Elliot who passed away in 2009. The future of life at Peacehaven is inspired by all that we have learned and accomplished through Susuan’s View and our service to our Core Members.

Our Core Members are the permanent residents of Susan’s View. The Core Members come to us with intellectual or developmental disabilities and a desire to live in the community and participate in the work of the farm. We call the adults with disabilities that choose to live in Susan’s View our Core Members because they are at the core of all that we do, and they are the best teachers of the value of a community. As we grow into our next phase of housing, we will offer a community open to residents of all abilities.

We take care to create a cohesive and harmonious community as we grow. If you are interested in learning more about our vision for future housing, we encourage you to spend some significant and meaningful time on the farm, meeting the community, and interacting with the landscape. Contact us at

Contact Us

Peacehaven’s mission is to connect people of all abilities through inclusive living, learning, work, and play. Whether you have questions about how we do that, want to be a part of what happens at Peacehaven, or simply want to say, “hi!” — we want to hear from you.