Frequently Asked Questions

Peacehaven provides opportunities for individuals of all ages and abilities to live, learn, and grow together. Because of the lack of places, spaces, and programs for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD), we originate our building designs with adults with an I/DD in mind.

Peacehaven offers a diverse range of programs, events, and services aimed at fostering inclusivity, skill development, and community engagement. We provide permanent, affordable housing within a communal setting that elevates the overall well-being of each resident. Our R.I.S.E and Fiber Arts programs empower adults with an I/DD through educational and training initiatives while tackling the 77.5% unemployment rate of the I/DD community. Garden Workdays, Arts For All, and Monthly Workshops invite the wider community to dig in our dirt, learn new skills, and enjoy fellowship on the farm. Additionally, Peacehaven provides an ideal environment for corporate meetings, ideation sessions, team-building activities, and experiential learning. Through all of this, Peacehaven endeavors to be a catalyst for learning, growth, and belonging for people of all abilities everywhere.

Tens of thousands of individuals with an I/DD In the region are not experiencing a full life because inclusive places of learning and growth are severely limited. Our current capacity for housing is five individuals. For programming, we utilize outdoor spaces, farming areas, and our multi-purpose barn, but current space constraints limit the breadth of programs we’re able to offer and the number of individuals we can serve at any given time. With the Community Center’s added capacity, in conjunction with agricultural expansion, we project that Peacehaven will welcome over 1,000 individuals with an I/DD each year. Later phases include the addition of permanent housing options for 100+ adults with I/DD.

Through diverse programming, spaces for gathering and events, and a variety of rich amenities, the Community Center will amplify Peacehaven’s ability to fulfill its purpose as a convenor of community for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Additionally, this active, bustling hub will serve as a crucial space for gathering and belonging for current residents and the dozens more who will be moving into Peacehaven in the coming years.

Peacehaven aims to create a model that includes people of all abilities and socio-economic backgrounds and that can be replicated elsewhere in the region. To do so, and to meet the requirements of many public funding streams for people with an I/DD, future housing must be integrated. People with an I/DD have been siloed or institutionalized from the rest of the population to the detriment of them and the broader community. We are creating a truly inclusive community where everyone lives, works, and plays together.

Yes there is. Peacehaven is currently only able to accept private pay for our residential services. There is a monthly cost for room, board, and services. The cost is meant to be close to all-inclusive, and covers the costs for groceries, staffing, transportations, activities, and more.

We are also in the process of becoming a Medicaid provider, which will allow some of our residents the option to pay through Medicaid dollars, increasing our ability to house and serve people of all abilities and socio-economic backgrounds. For more information on costs and payment options, please connect with us at

We have no requirement that residents work at Peacehaven. Residents choose whether to have a job or participate in various volunteer activities, and the community supports them in their choices. Our expansion will create several new employment opportunities, and Peacehaven’s job-preparedness program (R.I.S.E) will train and place individuals with an I/DD in these roles in addition to other settings in the community.


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