Jennifer McCosley

headshot of Jennifer (Jenny) McCosley CFP®, CAP®

Jennifer M. McCosley is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with Beacon Pointe Advisors.  She began her financial planning and investment management career in 2008 and has gained valuable experience working at a community bank, a private trust company and now a registered investment advisory firm. Jennifer finds the people she works with as fascinating as finance, and she enjoys helping individuals and couples bring to life their retirement goals. Her appreciation for families comes from her own upbringing as the second oldest of eleven children, with three sisters and seven brothers. Nine of those eleven children are adopted, and three of those nine are children with special needs.

Jennifer knows it takes an amazing amount of stamina, commitment and love to advocate for a child with special needs. She also understands better than most the impact that a child with special needs has on the other members of the family, both in terms of sacrifice and grace, but also in terms of joy, growth and gratitude. It often takes a village of caring adults to help provide support for those surrounding the child with special, and Jennifer witnessed and experienced that village at work in her own life through her teen and young adult years. Now, she leans into the support role by coming alongside her clients to take some of the most stressful pieces of life off their plates. Jennifer is a Campbell University alum (2008).

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