With Core Members


House volunteers share time in our community by engaging with Core Members and helping to carry out household tasks, daily needs, and shared recreational acitivites. 

This volunteer role provides assistance to our residential staff and allows the volunteer to gain perspective in serving those with intellectual and developmental disabilities––most importantly through building relationships with our Core Members. We have several volunteer opportunities, including:

Physical Health: Peacehaven strives to be a healthy community, and physical exercise is an important routine for our residents. We consistently travel to the Alamance County Community YMCA to workout, and volunteers would be welcomed to accompany and join in these outings. We also invite volunteers to bring physical activity to the farm. Some previous examples of this have included: hiking, yoga, recreational games, and circuit-training.

Meal Time: We love to gather around our farm table and share meals with our friends and neighbors. We enjoy exploring new healthy recipes and using our fresh produce to make delicious food. Volunteers are welcome to join us to participate in a meal, or to cook or bake alongside our core members. 

Art and Creativity: Peacehaven values creativity, and one expression of this is our arts and crafts programs. We have an active Fiber Arts program with volunteers who meet regularly to create various wool products, including felted soaps and holiday decorations. Our Core Members also delight in creating literary projects with the assistance of local volunteers. They write fun and heartfelt poems, short stories, and thank you cards. This program has been incredibly meaningful in helping our Core Members learn how to express their thoughts and feelings. Lastly, we have the capacity to do weaving at the farm. We have four looms that are operational, and this is a great activity for the Spring and Fall months. Core Members can create various yarn products, including scarfs, table runners, and headbands. Volunteers are also welcome to bring their own gifts and creative passions to lead an arts program. 

Farm activities: From March to October, Peacehaven hosts garden workdays on Saturday mornings. During this busy growing season, members of the community help till, weed, plant, water, and pick produce. Volunteers would be welcomed to intentionally accompany our Core Members on our workdays as we garden together. Our home is also equipped with a canning kitchen and an abundance of mason jars. We also have fresh produce ready to be pickled or turned into jams. Volunteers with interest and experience in canning food are welcome to come and can vegetables or make jellies and jams with our core members. 

Weekends: Living on a farm, our rhythms are inherently seasonal. As our pace during the winter slows, it would be a gift to have volunteers support programs on Saturdays and Sundays. Our Core Members also enjoy attending local churches, and volunteers are welcome to help facilitate this.

Other! If you have an idea, pursuit, or passion that you would like to bring to our community, we would love to hear more. We are always looking for house volunteers who can take the lead on facilitating a specific program with our Core Members. 

To Volunteer:

Please complete this brief interest form. Once this has been received, a member of our staff will get back to you shortly for next steps. 


Please email volunteer@peacehavenfarm.org.

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