Creative Writing Reading in Downtown GSO

For two years, volunteer Audrey Smith shared time around the kitchen table in Susan View, helping our Core Members bring their thoughts, feelings, and creative ideas to life through Peacehaven’s weekly creative writing program. This summer, the Core Members had the unique opportunity to share their poems and stories with the public at Scuppernong Books in downtown Greensboro. Jeff read his story about a boy named AJ who had the chance to host Mister Roger’s Neighborhood; Jake shared a story about an epic battle between Batman and the Joker; and Anne expressed her love for Peacehaven’s beloved dogs Maverick and Argo with a story dedicated to them. The event had a full house, and laughs and fun were shared by all. Peacehaven is grateful for Audrey’s leadership of this program, and we celebrate her as she continues her journey in Spain where she will be an English teacher.

“Maverick and Argo” by Anne

One day Big Boy Mav eats breakfast with Emma. He loves his food. He comes back in the house and kisses everybody with his black tongue. Mav decides he wants to go swimming. On his way to the lake, Argo sees Big Boy Mav. Argo runs up to him and wants to play. Maverick does NOT want to play—he wants to swim! Argo chases Mav with sticks. Maverick growls and barks. “Woof! Woof!” Big Boy runs to the lake. Argo does the same thing. Then, Argo and Mav are silly together. Argo and Mav are both happy and love each other. They are best friends. They have a great time and walk back to Susan’s View.

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