Home Life

Home Life

Home life at Peacehaven currently consists of life in one home, Susan’s View. Our future plans are to build more homes at Peacehaven, eventually housing approximately 30 adults with disabilities. Susan’s View is named in honor of the vision of our founder Susan Elliot who passed away in 2009. Susan's View is the permanent home of five Core Members, one full-time Home Life Leader and one Bradley Fellow. Each Core Member has a private room and bathroom. The community shares a large kitchen, dining room, and living room. The residents of Susan's View live in a family-like environment. They support, care for, and accompany one another through the events of daily life.

For more information on what this daily life is like, click here for a glimpse into A Day in the Life of Susan’s View.

Core Members

Who is a Core Member?

Our Core Members are the permanent residents of Susan's View. The Core Members come to us with intellectual or developmental disabilities and a desire to live in the community and participate in the work of the farm. We call the adults with disabilities that choose to live in Susan's View our Core Members because they are at the core of all that we do, and they are the best teachers of the value of a community.

How do I become one?

If you are interested in becoming a Core Member and a spot is open in our home, we encourage you to spend some significant and meaningful time on the farm, meeting the community, interacting with the landscape and the process of gardening. Living in a rural setting isn't for everyone so we want to ensure that those who live with us choose to do so, understanding the rhythm and shape of our life here.

We take care to create a cohesive and harmonious community in Susan's View so we do not keep a simple waitlist. When a space opens up we evaluate how to best fill the spot, guided by the other Core Members. We keep track of everyone who expresses interest in becoming part of our community.

Currently, there are no spaces available for a Core Member in Susan's View. If you (or your child) are interested in being added to our interest list, please contact housing@peacehavenfarm.org for more information. 


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