Why Peacehaven Community Farm?

After high school graduation, there are few housing and programming options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Peacehaven seeks to offer these folks in our community the choice to live in a farm setting within a community where people with and without disabilities live and work side by side.

What terms do you use for individuals with disabilities?

First and foremost, we use the term “Core Members” to describe the individuals with disabilities who live at Peacehaven. We call the adults with disabilities that chose to live in Susan's View our Core Members because they are at the core of all that we do and are the best teachers of the value of community. People with disabilities identify in lots of different ways, and we respect each individual’s decision. As a rule of thumb, we use a person’s name and ask how they like to be identified. In our materials we use the term “individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” which is generally the most up-to-date term.

How do I become a Core Member?

We currently have no openings for Core Members at Peacehaven, but you can learn more about the process here. Because we intentionally build communities, Peacehaven does not have a waiting list, but we do maintain an interest list. To be added to that list, please contact housing@peacehavenfarm.org.

How is Peacehaven funded? Do you receive state or federal funding?

The vast majority of our funding comes from people like you! Individual donations help us maintain our programs and dream about the future. We also receive grants from foundations and organizations throughout the year. 

What’s in the future for Peacehaven?

In the future, Peacehaven would like to build a community center on the farm and several more homes. The Community Center will provide regular and diverse on-site programming for all these groups — from courses on sustainable farming or food service to pottery or yoga — where people of all abilities are learning and teaching each other. Courses will be designed to help foster health and independence, build workplace skills, and promote full self-expression and emotional well-being. We will deliver some programs ourselves, but much of it will come from existing and budding partnerships.

Can I bring my class/church/etc. to the farm for a visit?

Our Saturday Garden Workdays are always an option to classes and church groups. Field trips on other days are not something we typically do, however they are not out of the question. We'd like you to be aware that we are not a "typical" farm with animals and hayrides; our focus is more on our raised bed gardens and providing a community of support for our Core Members who live in Susan's View (adults with intellectual disabilities). Within this framework of experience, we are willing to have a conversation to discern if we are the best option for your class.

Is Peacehaven a religiously affiliated organization?

No, we are no affiliated with any religious organization. Peacehaven welcomes people of all gifts, abilities, beliefs, backgrounds, and identities and considers all people crucial in our work of manifesting a more inclusive way of life. It is our sincere hope that all will feel safe, supported and respected here. Our current Core Members identify with the Christian faith tradition, and we believe it is important to nourish their spiritual journeys as they make their lives at Peacehaven. 

How long do Core Members stay at Peacehaven?

As long as the individual feels that Peacehaven is the right place for them to live.

What if I/my child doesn’t like farms/farm work?

As we build our communities, we try to make sure that Peacehaven is the best fit for the individual. We require potential Core Members to spend a week on the farm, experiencing the rhythms of a farm day before we make admissions decision.

Can I purchase items created by the Core Members?

The Core Members create felted soap and other fiber arts items. These items are available for purchase at events on the farm, as well as upon request. You can also pick up Peacehaven fiber arts at Design Archives in Greensboro or Winston-Salem. We also operate a store on Etsy


Tell me more about the role of the Home Life Leader.

The Home Life Leader (HLL) role is centered around building relationships of mutual care and support with the Core Members that create a home environment centered on unity, mutual respect and participation of all. HLLs provide care focused on Core Members personal development and skill building.  This includes personal care needs, money management, general medical care, appointments, household chores, laundry, meal preparation, transportation and family/work communication and connections. Overall, the HLLs support the mission and identity of Peacehaven and will model those values, principles, and spirit.  The HLLs report to the Director of Housing and Program Services and play a key role in the housing program. Learn more here

Do I need prior experience working with folks with disabilities to work or volunteer at Peacehaven?

No experience with disabilities is necessary, just the willingness to learn and engage.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to volunteer with Peacehaven Community Farm on a regular, on-going basis. To learn more and sign up visit our Volunteer section.

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