Phelps Sprinkle Named CEO of Peacehaven

Phelps Sprinkle Named CEO of Peacehaven Community Farm

Peacehaven Community Farm’s board of directors is pleased to announce that Phelps Sprinkle has been named its next Chief Executive Officer, replacing co-founder, Buck Cochran, who was the organization’s leader for 15 years. Phelps will step into the role on April 1, and the Peacehaven staff and core members look forward to his leadership on the farm. 

"I am excited for Phelps," said Jeff Piegari, one of Peacehaven's core members. "This is a great moment for Peacehaven. Phelps is such a great person that loves inclusion, camping and fun!"

For the past five years, Phelps has served as Vice President, Development & Donor Services at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. In this role, he has been responsible for growing and deepening donor relationships, driving strategic initiatives, and building permanent endowments for the benefit of our region. 

Phelps is no stranger to Peacehaven, serving as Director of Business Development from 2014 through 2016 and then as a board member from 2017 until the present. As Director of Business Development, Phelps expanded Peacehaven’s reach and impact by developing strategic relationships with key institutions and individuals in Greensboro and Alamance Counties. He also helped to broaden the community’s understanding of inclusivity and disabilities, spearheading the Disability Gain Forum and the Peacehaven Sensory Space at LeBauer Park. 

“Buck was instrumental in helping me understand community and the role Peacehaven plays in creating opportunities for growth and connection for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Phelps. “From an inspiring vision and a solid foundation upon which to build, we are at a place where we can greatly grow the number and range of people we serve throughout the region. I am excited at the chance to honor Peacehaven’s founding families by working with our staff, volunteers, and community partners to build something that is beautiful, lasting, and an example of what can be.”

Prior to joining Peacehaven, Phelps was Executive Vice President, Strategic Engagement for Easter Seals UCP from 2012-2014 after serving as President and CEO of Topics Education Group — a marketing and strategic communications firm he co-founded in Charlotte, NC — for the previous 17 years. In 2006, he and his partners were named Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

Phelps, a Greensboro native, graduated from Page High School in 1989 and Davidson College in 1993. Due to his level of service to his alma mater and the communities in which he has lived, in 2013, Phelps received Davidson College’s Alumni Service Award. He and his wife Kate – a mental health counselor – live in Greensboro with their three children. His deep and abiding interest in lifting up people with intellectual and developmental disabilities comes from his own life experiences with his 19-year-old daughter, Roxie.

“Take a good look at Peacehaven now, then check back every year to see what has changed,” said Peacehaven co-founder and board member Tim Elliott. “You will find that Phelps shepherded additional construction on our campus and increased who we are serving. I have no doubt that hundreds of adults with special needs will benefit from Phelps’ leadership at Peacehaven. I can’t wait to start working with him as our CEO.”

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