Summer Poems

"Family Summer" by Anne

Swinging makes me happy

Flying to Maine to see Mom and Dad

Big bowl of Mac and Cheese

Jumping in the pool

Refreshing water

Playing outside with Friends

Watching the fireworks

The sun makes me happy

Cookie dough ice cream

Camp fires are nice

"Happy" by Jake

I am excited

I see flowers

I eat corn on the cob

I swim in the swimming pool

I eat ice cream

I like to cool off

Fireworks––some are big, some are small

I see vegetables growing

I eat yellow popsicles

I feel happy

"Summer Fun" by Jeff

I feel I am patriotic to be American

I see people go over the top  

I love my veggies

Reading a great book

I am loved by Summer

It’s America’s birthday

I love to watch a Capitol Fourth on TV with the Beach Boys   

I like going to free concerts

I listen to calm music when I pray

I feel loved by all because people

Should be nice to all

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